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Dear %$firstname$%,

Today I’m moving (thankfully the e-zine can be preset).  On Sunday I’m doing my last corporate graphic facilitation job ever (with my favorite, long-term client), and on Monday I turn 40.  When things SHIFT, they really shift eh!

I’ve loved my cute, 1912 character place that I’ve been in for the last 6 years... SHIFT-IT as a process and a way of life for me was conceived and launched here and many of you have been to this sweet studio.  However, I’ve been itching for a new place that reflects the person I’ve now become. 

Last week I broke through my remaining resistance (who likes moving?!)... and went out and instantly landed a new, gorgeous place to live and work from (thanks Law of Attraction!). Went looking last Wednesday and signed the lease on Friday.  And I’m moving in a week later – that was easy!

It’s right in my favorite area of town and has a great roof deck complete with hot tub that I can watch the seaplanes, cruise ships and other harbor traffic from!

Here’s a few pics...

View From the Roof Top Deck

An Inside Space to Work and Live In... Nice and Bright for Coaching Calls!

To view more photos, check out my Flickr set!

To give thanks and celebrate this exciting change I’m going through, I’m doing a four-day “Birthday Bash” starting today... July 18th – 21st,.  Ready for your own SHIFT?  If so, take advantage of select sav-ings of SHIFT-IT services and products – including the upcoming fall webinar groups.  Thankfully my assistant Erin, can run the Birthday Bash for me, while I’m getting moved AND partying away my thirties. 

Thanks to participants of the last Merkley’s Manifestation Mastermind and the SHIFT-IT Intensive... our shared energy really helped me with my own shift (and I’m thrilled to hear the reports coming in on your impressive SHIFTS too (new cars, new homes, better work, new blog sites, biggest client ever, etc--- way to go folks!).  And to my own coaches, Mel, Ali and David for their excellent stories and ‘mind food’.  

See you in a few weeks!

Christina Merkley,
The SHIFT-IT Coach



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July 18 – July 21

Ready for your SHIFT!? 

I’m busy working, packing/unpacking, celebrating and having a good ol’ time this weekend and didn’t want to leave you out of all the fun!


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Up to …


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Did you know that in dreams, a house almost universally is a symbol for one’s life?  That this dream imagery is an archetype that transcends all borders and cultures – a sign of just how important homes and living spaces are to the human psyche. 

As a coach, one of the areas that I often work with clients on, is their physical surroundings … helping them SHIFT their geography, general environment, city, home, even the amount of time they spend in commuting.  Our physical surroundings can be a real help or hindrance to our overall vibration and the signals that we are emitting and therefore attracting from.

As I currently go through my own SHIFT of home (I’m in the middle of relocating from a great space that I have been in for the last six years, to a new better feeling water view pad), I offer this food for thought for testing whether your current surroundings are still serving you. 

Does Your Home Represent Who You Now Are?
When I moved into my arts and craft character suite back in 2002, it thrilled me.  Coming from a Victorian building in San Francisco, I liked the old world charm of its foyer, stained glass built in cabinets, and wood floors.  The large wall in the front room was perfect for preparation of graphic recording and facilitation charts and for doing my graphic coaching retreats and private graphic trainings on.  And the village neighborhood, including the pub down the street, was charming. 

However, six years later, what was once a perfect fit has morphed.  My needs have changed.  I have changed.  And my space no longer fits me or who I have become.  Now I need more modernity, to match the modern internet-based business that I run.  And more light, water and ambience to match the spiritual and emotional content that I’m delving into with my clients. And something that takes best advantage of the spectacular city that I live in.  The old space was no longer a match so it became necessary to go out and find something that was. 

So, how about you?  Here are some questions to ponder:

  • How long have I been in my current space?
  • What circumstances brought me to it?
  • Have those circumstances changed significantly?
  • Does my space reflect who I am now? 
  • Does my space reflect who I’m in the process of becoming?

Go for Something That Reflects Your Future Not Your Past
If you are in a growing and developing cycle of your life (or want to be), I would suggest that you go for a space that reflects your desired future, not your past.  Our surroundings play a very key role in our energy and vibration (check out feng shui for ancient knowledge on this subject).  There is a kind of chicken and an egg interplay that goes on between a person and their surroundings… hard to tell which comes first as our space not only reflects who we are but can also play a subtle-to-strong role in helping us continue to evolve, or not.   

Locations have an energetic.  How does your current space make you feel?  Does it match the vision you have for yourself?  Would your Future Self live here?  If not, you might want to consider moving to a place that your Future Self would live in (even if it’s a ‘bridge’ location … a temporary space between where you have been and where you ultimately really, really want to be).  Then set the intention for continued evolution from there.

The Energetic of Objects:
The Law of Attraction tells us that we live in an energetic universe. Everything has a frequency or vibration.  You do and so do the objects that you surround yourself with.  Not only do our general surrounding impact us on the subtle level, but so do all of the objects, things and items that we interact with.  You have an energy connection with all of your things – some good, some bad … and some in-between. 

As you consider your surroundings, consider also the individual objects within your home.  When you look at, touch or use your things … notice the associations and feelings/emotions they provoke in you.  When you consider an object ask yourself:

  • When did I get this? 
  • What memories or associations do I have to it? (i.e. what time of life, people, situations, memories is it connected to?)
  • What is the tone of these associations?  Make me feel good or not? 
  • Is this really me, now? 
  • Does this add or take away from my vibrational set point?

When you answer these questions about the objects around you … notice your honest answers.  If you have nice, happy, productive, warm associations, then that object adds to your vibration.  If you have uncomfortable, obligatory, negative or conflicted associations, then that object is negatively effecting your vibration, and I would invite you to figure out a way to release it. 

A Word About De-cluttering:
Releasing objects around you is a very powerful process.  When I coach clients and I hear they just went through a big purge or de-cluttering spat, then I know our work is having impact at a deep level.  Getting rid of things is a natural by-product of good visioning and planning work.  By developing and aligning with your Vision and connecting with your Future Self … you automatically and naturally start getting rid of things that are not a vibrational match.  In effect, making room for the new you that is emerging. 

Sooooo, get rid of things that no longer serve you in a vibrational way.  Pass them along (sell them, donate them, recycle them, etc), so they can make their way into the hands of folks who are a vibrational match to them and will be happy to receive them (raise someone else’s vibe).  Be grateful for the role they have played in your life … for serving you during a certain stage of your vibrational journey.  And let them gracefully go so you can attract other things that match your vibe as it now is and is in the process of becoming.  

Tip:  Abraham-Hicks, my favorite Law of Attraction source, has an excellent ‘De-cluttering Process’ in their book, Ask and It Is Given.  Great if you are pack rat and want to start de-cluttering but lack skills on how to do.  They guide you on a three step process that helps alleviate the anxiety of sorting through your stuff and making the right decisions about what stays and what goes. 

Have Fun and Enjoy the Process:
Re-evaluating your space and sorting through your belongings can be a really fun process, when you keep the bigger picture in mind.  Remember that this seemingly mundane or practical organizing is actually a very significant step on your spiritual journey. You higher self is laying the groundwork and foundation for your next level of SHIFT.   In order to advance, expand, and develop, you must, just like a house, be built on strong underpinnings that support you.  Getting your physical space in order and feeling as good as it possibly can is a great step in supporting the evolution of your Next Self.

© 2008 Christina L. Merkley

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