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Dear %$firstname$%,

Another busy month has whipped by.

The Merkley Mastermind is about to do call 10 out of the 12 call series. We’ve made our way through the full suite of Abraham / Law of Attraction processes and are now progressing onto the outer world tools of internet marketing, etc. We seem to have struck a cord with the manifesting of cars... several members, including myself and my virtual assistant Erin Blaskie, have manifested cars.

Mid-month we had my second-to-last ever Meeting Graphics 101 and The Graphics Bootcamp training. Great group of 14 from all across North America... 2 from England and Libby Stewart gets the long distance traveler award from Australia (thanks to you all for coming – it was great). November’s last ever run of this series is getting close to sold out, so act now to secure your place!

Next week, after the SHIFT-IT Now Webinar I’m hopping on a plane to conduct a private workshop for the Vanderbilt Center for Better Health in Nashville. This organization has gorgeous group facilities especially designed for graphic facilitation, so I’m looking forward to training their new group of internal graphic recorders and facilitators. Should be fun!

Enjoy! See you next month,

Christina Merkley,
The SHIFT-IT Coach



June 9: F-R-E-E SHIFT-IT Now Webinar:
Join me this Monday for a complimentary webinar where I share my best SHIFT-IT tips. See Graphic Coaching, gather tips, tricks and inspiration for making your own personal or professional shift, and gather with like-minded SHIFTers from around the globe (thanks to conference call and webinar technology). 7pm eastern, 4pm pacific... or, receive the link to the video recording to view afterwards (so you don’t miss out!). More Info.

June 19-21: SHIFT-IT INTENSIVE Spring is in the air – and so is my annual in-person SHIFT-IT Intensive in beautiful Victoria, B.C. This is the only face-to-face group coaching I offer each year. Work step-by-step through The SHIFT-IT Graphic Coaching Process – walk out clear, inspired and on-track for your next chapter of life. More Info.  7 spots left.

Ongoing: Private Mentoring and In-house Trainings: One-to-one graphic recording and graphic facilitation training for yourself or for your company/group. Come to me or I come to you. Only available to the end of this year (alas the graphics training side of my business is concluding on Dec. 31, 2008 – book me while you still can!) More Info.





Monday, June 9, 2008

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The last few days I’ve been watching a remarkable documentary series that has interesting considerations when one looks at it from a SHIFT-IT and Law of Attraction perspective.  The series is called “Up”... 7 Up, 14 Up, 21 Up, 28 Up, 35 Up, 42 Up and 48 Up. Have you seen it?

In it, British documentary filmmaker, Michael Apted, chronicles the lives of 14 British kids from diverse backgrounds from all over England, asking them about their lives and their dreams for the future. 

Starting in 1964 when the children were 7, it returns every seven years to talk to them and examine the progression of their lives (the most recent film brings them to the age of 48 … and Apted’s intention is to keep it going, perhaps even beyond his own life time thru others if necessary … and if the participants are willing to continue).

Motivated by the Jesuit maxim ‘Give me the child until he is seven and I will give you the man” … this series is an astonishing look at the structure of life in the 20th century thru the time-lapse effect of these 14 individuals.  Watching all of them back-to-back (instead of having to wait the 7 years for each one to come out like other fans of the series have had to) is like a reality show on speed.  It’s amazing and fascinating – and I am deeply touched by the participants’ huge gift of allowing us to eavesdrop on their unfolding lives.  What an opportunity to see LIFE, at the really big picture level, evolve through these people and their families (and society overall). 

So, what does this series show us in terms of SHIFT-IT and Law of Attraction work?  Here are a few of my thoughts:

Deliberate Creation and Early Influences

The beginning film of the series (which incidentally didn’t start off with the intention of being a series) purposely chose children from diverse backgrounds (some from what North Americans call ‘private’ schools, some from ‘public’ schools and some as wards of the state … from city, suburbs and rural … and from wealthy, middle class and poor situations).

Each child had a world-view comprised of what they had been exposed to from their early environments – what their norm was. Certain parameters on boundaries and possibilities were established early via their educational opportunities, geographical and cultural exposures etc.  Like attracts like.

As a coach who works with adults from varying backgrounds, I see the effects of these same kinds of stratifications in my clients.  What they are trying to SHIFT (and create) in their life regularly comes up against the beliefs, attitudes and opportunities that were considered ‘normal’ in their backgrounds. In many cases they want to create things that are different of enhanced from what they grew up with and are encountering internal resistance of varying degrees as a result.  As we shift the resistance, the manifestations flow.

An Individual Tone or Essence

Watching these young children progress from children, to adolescents, to young and then more seasoned adults … I was struck by the ‘essence’ that seemed with them right from the start. That each person had a certain, unmistakable ‘tone’ about them.  In LOA speak, this would be their vibrational essence.  And certain meta-physical sources mention a personal frequency or harmonic that is unique to each person.  As we see and sense that tone in others … it makes us sense and wonder about our own tone – what is that special tone that we have each possessed from childhood on? 

New Generations Benefit from the Rockets of Desires Launched by Previous Generations:

The Abraham Teachings on Law of Attraction talk about something showcased in this series. How new generations benefit from the  ‘rockets of desire’ that were launched by the generations before them (who due to the times they lived in, could not personally benefit from what they yearned for, but their children or children’s child eventually could).  In the series we hear tales of mother’s and father’s lives and how conditions have changed, morphed and shifted for the next generation – in improved ways. It might have taken years or generations, but issues like class barriers, availability of divorce, increased options for women and minorities, stigmas of illegitimacy, mixed race unions, etc have dramatically shifted over the generations resulting in a more accepting and freer society. 

Typical Life Stages and Crossroads

When we are on our own SHIFT-IT journey we can often think we are alone and separate in what we are experiencing, when we are experiencing it.  However, these films show us the typical life stages that all human beings go through. The natural decision points that one comes up against as we age and progress through our lives.  Crossroads about education, careers, partners, children, mid-life course corrections, aging, etc.  As much as we are individuals having our own unique experience, we are also part of larger rhythms and patterns that human beings naturally go through, influenced by the mass beliefs of the time frame and culture that makes up our context. 

We Are All Being Courageous on Our Journeys

The UP Series is a wonderful co-creation … between the film maker, the generous participants, the society that it was formed in, and us as viewers drawing our own conclusions and relating the film to our own life and experiences.  It’s not perfect (the filmmaker exhibits some real biases and assumptions at times) and how much can a film shared by 14 individuals really do every life justice. 

However, for me, this series helps me see and ponder the strength and courageousness of the individual life.  These so-called ordinary people show us the ‘mystery of life’ from its panoramic perspective. How life is unfolding through all of us.  Each of us makes a contribution to the whole, just by being and by going through our unique expression of life.  At that high level, there is no right and wrong.  Only experience.  And an unfolding of one moment to the next, one year to the next, one decade, one century … generations after generation. 

Made me appreciate the larger flow that is going on all around us. 

For more information on the UP Series, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seven_Up!

© 2008 Christina L. Merkley

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